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Find Your Purpose.

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What's going on in your life?

Are you dragging yourself to work each day?

Do you struggle to find meaning, passion and purpose?

Do you work, day in and day out, even when you find it pointless?

Are you pulled in all directions, yet you still feel directionless?

Do you lack clarity and direction about what's next, or what's important to you?

Do you feel like you've given so much to everyone else that it's time to focus on you?

Is your situation affecting your family, relationships, health and well-being?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above...

This means you are not living your passions, and you are not living with purpose!


Because passions are the force within us that inspire, excite and energise us.

And purpose creates meaning in our life!

By not knowing and not following your passion and purpose, you are literally draining your physical, emotional and spiritual fuel tanks.

There is a way out!

There is a way to live a full and enriched life!

Before I started coaching with Andrew, I felt stuck without being able to move ahead. [He] has a comfortable process, no pressure or stress. He is able to create belief and positivity!

Jon Philpin

Husband, Manager
... my coaching with Andrew has been life-changing. I am more in tune with my passion and purpose. I have let go and become even more of myself. It is an eye-opening experience that everyone should go through!

Cynthia Ng

Sister, Actor
It is the most amazing journey of discovery, validation and connection that is just so essential. I have been able to see what is missing and move towards finding it!

Gretel Jane

Mother, Recruiter, Coach
Passion and Purpose [Coaching and Training] is a really powerful and transformative program. Come along and discover your superhero origin story and how you got your super powers!

Andrew Ramsden

Entrepreneur, Manager

Are you willing and ready to create a life of success, love and happiness?


Free 8-Step Blueprint to Success, Love and Happiness

Discover a simple 8-Step Blueprint to Success, Love and Happiness.

Every day, for the next 8 days, you will receive one email a day, giving you 8 mindset shifts that get you from stuck to inspired!

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Evolve Now! Program

Are you committed to living your passion and purpose?

Are you ready to release negative influences from all those who might have caused you to stray from the authentic you?

Are you willing to create a new mindset that empowers you to success, love and happiness?

This is an exclusive and premium group coaching and training program for those who want powerful results in the shortest possible time!

This program runs in all major Australian cities.



Success and Happiness Coaching

If you are looking for a more personalised approach, then 1-on-1 coaching might be for you.



Coaches Inner Circle

Are you an aspiring or practising coach who is struggling to move from part-time coaching to a full-time coaching practice?

Are you looking to elevate your coaching, business and marketing skills?

Would you like to condense and compress the time required to build a successful and happy coaching business?

You are not alone, and you don’t have to do it alone!


About Andrew Low

After a 70+ hour week in my corporate job, I fell asleep behind the wheel and totalled my car.

I knew then that things had to change. I’ve been on a journey ever since and now my mission is to help you discover your passion and purpose.

This is my story in 4 minutes.

Andrew Low

Passion and Purpose Coach, Archetypal Coach Trainer, Gold Licensee Trainer, NLP Trainer, Master of Business (IT)

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